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Beira Logistics Terminals, Lda.
Estrada Nacional No. 6
Bairro do Vaz
Beira, Mozambique

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Contact Number: +258 23 354984 
Fax Number:         +258 21 017124
Email: jonathan@bltmoz.com

Latitude:     19°47'56.20"S
Longitude: 34°51'24.47"E

Inland Container Depot

Independent Beira Logistics Terminals & Services, Lda.
Urbana 1, Mungassa EN6, Bairro Do Inhamizua
Beira, Mozambique

Contact Numbers:
Phone: TBA
Fax: TBA
Email: chris@iblts.com

Latitude:     19°44'34.86"S
Longitude: 34°51'27.71"E