1. What are the road weight limitation in Mozambique? 30mt on normal tri-axle trailer / 34mt on Superlinks

2. How long does  a transit clearance process usually take? 3 working days

3. Can you handle local (cargo with destination/origin Mozambique) cargo? No

4. Is a change of regime possible? Currently, yes. Clearance takes up to one month

5. How long can you store cargo in transit? 180 days with an option to extend for another 180 days.

6. What is Janela Unica? The Single Electronic Window system used for customs clearance.

7. What is the bond fee covering? Our administration and finance fees for bank guarantees submitted to customs for warehouse and transit.

8. The bag tally weight in the port and your weighbridge weight differ. Why - and which counts? There is no scale used in the port to weight trucks. Since bags are never exactly bagged at 50kg there are always minor differences. For all cargo received over BLT weighbridge, our weighbridge weight counts as this is the most accurate. Our weighbridge is mandatory for all bulk cargo received from port.

9. Can one change the destination of exit border of a direct transit clearance in the JUE electronic clearance system? No


We will develop this section as we go along. If you have other questions, please contact us directly.